Products made with love by our trusted artists and designers. We ship worldwide!
Products made with love by our trusted artists and designers. We ship worldwide!
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Seller Guide

It is important to learn about the basic guide to setup an account and start selling on YDJ Store. We highly recommend that you watch this tutorial to learn to sell more effectively. The video tutorial includes among other things, steps to configure:

  1. Adding products
  2. How to fulfill an order
  3. Shipping rates setup


Additional tips to optimize your pages for more sales!

Parcels for customers

Tip #1: Make your product photos attractive

Product photos play a major role on your product pages. They are a key factor a key factor in building a great page and creating the impact you want. 

Tip #2: Include product photos and specify accurate names to your variants

Naming your product variants (colours, scents, etc.) can be a great way to add some personality to your products. Personality is great, especially when it comes with an equal dose of clarity. 

Tip #3: Include the right amount of details and product information for your customers

Your product pages must contain information that caters to your current and prospective customers. Some of your users will be experts in the type of products you sell, others will be coming with less background knowledge. Make sure that the information you share is useful and understandable for as many as possible, without patronizing or talking down to your users.

You need to provide enough content for every customer, whether they’re already an expert in what you sell, or if they’re just starting to learn about your products.  

Tip #4: Brand your product page well

Your brand isn’t just your social media graphics and your logo. It’s everything you stand for, who you serve, and why you do what you do. And your brand can be a make-or-break part of your product page. 

Tip #5: Communicate how your products provide values to customers

Think about how your product can help make your users’ lives more fun, enjoyable, or efficient. They want your products to do something for them—solve a problem, make them better, help them do something. Your product pages should make it easy for them to see how your products can do that. 

Tip#6: Include product testimonials if you have them

Product testimonials add credibility and definitively boosts conversion. Reviews, photos from Instagram, and first-person testimonials are a great way to build consumer trust and encourage purchasing behavior. Especially for new brands, giving consumers reasons to believe adds a layer of trust to the buying experience.